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Ecotric - UL Certified Starfish 20inch portable and folding electric bike - C-STA20LED

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The STARFISH20 is a practical, lightweight city folding bike. With 20"x1.75" tires which are the narrowest size at ECOTRIC, the STARFISH20 can be conveniently folded to store and transport the bike more easily.

Don’t let its simplicity fool you. The STARFISH20 also features both pedal assist and throttle mode, equipped with a 350W motor and 10AH lithium battery, Aluminum alloy frame. The low front frame design makes it very convenient to get on and off the bike.

Get the STARFISH20. Enjoy riding with ECOTRIC®!


  • MODEL SIZE: 1720*620*1120mm
  • BATTERY: 36V 12.5AH
  • MOTOR: Rear Hub 36V 350W
  • CHARGING TIME: 5-8 Hours
  • DISPLAY: Ecotric Smart LED
  • SENSOR: Speed Sensor
  • BATTERY LIFE:400-600 Cycles
  • FUNCTIONS: Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carin Hanna
Almost Perfect

Bike shipped amazingly fast, very easy to assemble even for old people. Slightly bent fender but did not affect function so let it go. We have 8 bikes in our garage - road, mountain, commuter and 4 ebikes. Purchased this one as an easy step through for my husband who is 85 and has a hard time getting on our bigger ebikes. As an experienced cyclist I was a little dismayed by the reversal of the normal left brake lever for the front brake, right for rear. I have run across this reversal in Europe and it can be hard to adapt to. On this bike the front brake is traditional pad so it does not "stop the bike on a dime" and pitch you over the handlebars so it's not a major problem. The throttle is the only other feature which takes some getting used to. It is a full grip throttle so fairly easy to engage when you might not want it, like sitting at a stop light with your hand resting on the grips - oops. It was unsettling for my husband so he is riding my much more expensive folding ebike with boost but no throttle and I am on the Starfish. Now that I have experienced it for awhile, I have no problem with it.I wish the cranks were longer. I am often pedaling like a maniac to keep up with him and my other biking friends. But I could change them. It can be a good work out or I could use the throttle. Plenty of power for any hill. Seems to have plenty of range on a charge - our longest so far 20 miles did not deplete the power by more than 2 dots. Hardly ever have to shift gears - mostly stay in 7. Instead I change the level of assist often.
Plusses: easy to remove battery which makes it easier to lift onto the rack or into the trunk; If you don't want to peddle at all (not me) you can use throttle only, so it is a reasonably priced scooter; fun; and the price cannot be beat! This should be a 5 star review but I really wanted to point out the things I think you should know if you are in the market.

Gladys Morales
My Ecotric Starfish 20inch Electric Folding Bike

I have one word for it, amazing.

Walter james
Going in vacation

We enjoyed the bikes because we have a class c rv and don't tow a vehicle and we got around great

William Williams

I bought this Ecotric Starfish pedal assist folding bike to replace my 20 inch folding bike. We plan on mounting it on the back of our motor home for auxiliary transportation. Just received it today and spent about 15 minutes assembling. I am pleased with the quality of build, the locking mechanism, adjustable height for the seat and handlebar. The 350W motor is very quiet and pushes me along at a comfortable speed. I like the choices of the 3 assist modes with the option of using throttle only. At a little over 52 lbs, I can handle lifting it onto a bike rack. The bike was shipped in protective packaging and was not damaged, not even a scratch. Couldn't be happier. I chose this product over other similar bikes because it came with a 350W motor instead of a 250W, fenders front and back and a rear rack. The shape of the frame makes this one of the easiness bikes to get off and on. The price is also unbeatable...

Bob K

Hello I just want to complement Ecotric for making High Quality E-Bikes more affordable. I have been looking at E-Bikes from many manufactures and sellers for several years. I have found that there are more expensive E-Bikes from other Companies that are really not much better than these. Then there are less expensive E-Bikes but they are cheaper because, they are cheaper. Trust me the cheaper bikes are not worth fooling with. You want to have a good quality Bike and start off with a Good Warranty as Ecotric offers. As for our 2 Ecotric Starfish Bikes we have. We have had them about 4 months now and have ridden them about a dozen times. Now when we ride... we ride. We go anywhere from 20 to 30 miles. We have learned the range we can get out of them when using Pedal Assist to be about 35 miles in most areas. They are pretty easy to pedal with no electric motor assist. So even if we do go beyond that 35 mile range, we can just pedal power, so we don't worry too much about it. The Bikes have had a few minor issues and Ecotric has been awesome to deal with and get things resolved. If you ever need service just go through the same E-Mail you received after ordering your bike as a confirmation. One of the best parts about our Starfish E-Bikes is they fold and fit in the back of or Nissan Kicks perfectly. You will not find a better E-Bike for the Money. We are very happy with our Bikes. Thanks, Bob K.